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i already did a this or that fall tag! you can read it here:

1. do you call it autumn or fall?

cat, autumn, and animal image autumn, fall, and leaves image
autumn. i call it fall occasionally.

2. pumpkin carving or apple picking?

Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image Image by Aspiryna
🍁 no. 2 creds to resimlerin-dili on tumblr 🍁
i've never been apple picking, so pumpkin carving!

3. halloween or thanksgiving?

Halloween, fall, and autumn image autumn and thanksgiving image
🍁 no. 1 creds to kecoaboenting on pinterest 🍁
halloween. we don't celebrate thanksgiving.

4. cashmere or flannels?

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🍁 no. 2 creds to @gguksfae 🍁

5. cool & crisp or warm & foggy?

autumn, fall, and road image autumn, fall, and nature image
warm & foggy! i like fog, and i don't like being outside if it's too cold :)

6. scarves or berets?

autumn, book, and fall image beret, black, and chic image
i've never worn a beret, so definitely scarves~ berets are really cute though.

7. cinnamon or nutmeg?

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🍁 no. 2 creds to veganfoody on tumblr 🍁
cinnamon. i used to love cinnamon buns and curiously cinnamon cereal!!

8. books or movies?

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movies. i don't really read books.

9. hot chocolate or apple cider?

aesthetic, autumn, and fall image autumn, fall, and food image
hot chocolate is so nice in autumn~

10. cosy socks or slippers?

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🍁 no. 2 creds to snowflakes-on-christmas on tumblr 🍁
cosy socks.

11. marshmallows or whipped cream?

light, autumn, and christmas image coffee, food, and Michael Kors image
whipped cream definitely!! I LOVE IT!!

12. plaid or neutrals?

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
🍁 no. 2 creds to kelsrfloyd on 🍁
i love plaid but i prefer neutrals~

13. coffee or tea?

coffee, drink, and light image aesthetic, cream, and creamy image
i don't drink tea and i rarely drink coffee. but out of the two i prefer coffee.

14. blankets or pillows/cushions?

cat, animal, and kitten image light, room, and bedroom image
blankets! they're warm and cosy :))

15. sweaters/sweatshirts or boots?

fashion, blue, and outfit image shoes, aesthetic, and style image
🍁 no. 1 creds to outfitbook_ on ig 🍁
definitely sweaters & sweatshirts!!
autumn, fall, and leaves image

♡ thank you for reading! what is your favourite season? mine is definitely summer~ also thank you so so so so much for 4.5k followers!! i can't believe so many people like what i heart, post and write. it means so much to me and i love every one of you!! xoxo ♡

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