Life without music.. I don't even want to think about it.

Music, like everyone, has always been a very big part of my life for a long time. Music sets the mood. Like watching an action movie with music gives you a thrilling feeling, a rush. Or watching a sad movie. When your watching a sad scene, the music playing accentuates the unhappy emotions that you're most likely feeling

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My escape

One thing I ALWAYS have on me is my earbuds. When I put my earbuds in and my music starts playing, the rest of the world immediately shuts out. Music makes me daydream. Music takes me to the places that I dream of. It's like therapy. Especially if I can relate to the lyrics. If I'm having a bad day, I lay in bed, listen to music and chill. I always feel better. Or if I'm in a good mood, listening to upbeat music makes me feel more happy.

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What it looks like when I listen to music

My favorite singers

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Lana Del Rey, Girl in Red, Lorde, Cuco

Favorite Bands

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Tame Impala, The Neighbourhood, The Cure, Arctic Monkeys

List of songs currently on repeat

  • All For Us - Labrinth
  • The Next Best American Record - The Lana Del Rey
  • Ego Death in Thailand - Cuco
  • The Louvre - Lorde
  • Why Won't They Talk To Me? - Tame Impala
  • Run Cried The Crawling - Agnes Obel
  • I'm Not In Love - Kelsey Lu
  • I'm Not In Love - 10CC
  • Chinese Near Year - SALES
  • My Body is A Cage - Arcade Fire
  • Bestfriend - Mellow Fellow
  • Candy Girl - Trailer Trashy Tracys
  • wwoman - FOA
  • Enjoy The Silence - Trevor Something
  • You Are The Right One - Sports
  • Hot Rod - Dayglow
  • Mount Everest - Labrinth

Thank you for reading:)

This is my first article, so if it sucks, oops.