It’s been two weeks today
And you still didn’t read the texts I send you
You didn’t wish me a happy birthday too
And I honestly don’t know what to say

But I feel like I need to write to you
A poem I’ll never send you
You were my friend… May I say my best friend?
Was I even your friend at the end?

I did some mistakes, I know
I won’t apologize anymore... I did that enough
And I don’t know if I should just let go
But all of that is fucking rough

I’m good if you wanted to check in on me
Good is maybe a little too much but I’m okay
I’m feeling numb most of all, lost in a sea
Lost in several feelings, thrown away
By you, you threw me in the trash
As if it wasn’t that harsh

But here I am two weeks later crying
I’m not always thinking about us
I’m able to smile but then I see something
Like my keychain when I’m about to take the bus
The keychain you gave me and then I’m drowning
I remember when we were laughing
I remember every single moment where we were happy
But then I remember you don’t want to talk to me
Nor now, nor ever. You fucking abandoned me

I don’t know why but I’m still waiting for a text
I’m still waiting for you to send me a joke
I don’t know why I’m waiting, I’m still perplex
It’s like I’m lost in some kind of smoke
Making me forget you left
For the best

I don’t think you know how much I’m hurt
And I’ll never tell you
I’ll bury my sadness up in the dirt
And I’ll make sure I’ll smile next time I see you