Hi it's been a really long time, i'm truly sorry. I just got into the university and let me tell you it's really hard, that's why i haven't been that active in here but i will try my best.
Anyway here are a few tips that i find really useful.

  • Keep a calendar and stay on top of your schedule!
  • Make a timetable of your classes/seminars
  • Check emails often
  • Don’t skip lectures!
  • Sit in the front row. This will make you focus and help your lecturers remember you - which is actually more important than people think
  • Build a good relationship with your lecturers AND peers
  • Visit your professors’ office hours regularly and have catch ups
  • Go to the library to study! You’ll be more distracted trying to study at home/in your room. If you have to study in your room- turn your phone off
  • It’s okay to not want to party like everyone else :)
  • Write down your notes in lectures and type them up after
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