♡ favorite princess movies ♡

aesthetic, bath, and the little mermaid image raccoon, classic, and disney image beauty and the beast image Image by roxani_zacharaki

♡ favorite non-princess movies ♡

gif, hunchback of notre dame, and disney image Image by hana animal, disney, and funny image

♡ a movie that made you cry ♡

disney, forever, and pixar image

♡ a movie that made you laugh ♡

animation, know, and quotes image

♡ the first movie you saw ♡

disney and snow white image


♡ favorite childhood movie ♡

disney, wendy, and cartoon image

♡ favorite princesses ♡

disney image anna, frozen 2, and disney image brave, curls, and disney image gif, songs, and tumblr image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

♡ favorite princes ♡

Image by hana aladdin image

♡ favorite couples ♡

john smith, walt disney, and background image ariel, couple, and disney image

♡ favorite villains ♡

disney, the lion king, and gif image disney, princess, and Queen image

♡ favorite songs ♡

aesthetic, believe, and Dream image disney, pocahontas, and disney movies image anna, heart, and love image bad guy, gif, and green image disney, the lion king 2, and simba's pride image animation, gif, and song image disney, the lion king 2, and simba's pride image beautiful, disney, and paris image Mature image villain and hellfire image Temporarily removed

♡ favorite dresses ♡

anna, chocolate, and dress image brave, disney, and merida image

♡ favorite sidekicks ♡

dance, timon y pumba, and disney image disney, pascal, and rapunzel image

♡ favorite pixar movies ♡

disney, finding nemo, and pixar image gif and monsters inc image

♡ favorite live action movies ♡

background, disney, and christopher robin image Image removed beauty and the beast, emma watson, and 2017 image

♡ least favorite princess ♡

aurora, sleeping beauty, and classic image