1. favourite band

beach, black, and cool image music, arctic monkeys, and iphone image
the neighbourhood & arctic monkeys

2. celebrity you would marry if given the chance

lee jeno, jeno, and nct dream image girls, momo, and twice image fromis_9 and kpop image asian, boy, and handsome image
lee jeno, park jihyo, park jiwon, or huang renjun

3. celebrity you would love to have over for dinner

lana del rey, ultraviolence, and lana image nct, haechan, and mark image
lana del rey, mark lee, and/or lee donghyuck

4. celebrity who would play you in a movie

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
mila kunis or nina dobrev

5. first celebrity crush

Inspiring Image on We Heart It britney spears and justin timberlake image
i have a terrible memory so i will just say emma watson, britney spears, and justin timberlake

6. celebrity you would like to kiss in a movie scene

beautiful, girls, and red image girl, pretty, and sexy image Image removed elizabeth olsen image
emilia clarke, lauren cohan, alycia debnam-carey and/or elizabeth olsen

7. celebrity you would want to trade lives with

Temporarily removed red velvet, irene, and kpop image
park chaeyoung or bae joohyun

8. favourite disney star

zendaya and beauty image gomez, music, and selena image

9. celebrity you would want to be best friends with

jisung, nct, and chenle image loona, gowon, and olivia hye image
park jisung, zhong chenle, son hyejoo, and/or park chaewon

10. celebrity who is your favourite song writer

Image by Charlize lana del rey image
lee jieun and lana del rey

11. celebrity from your favorite movie

chris evans, robert downey jr, and civil war image zoe saldana, Avengers, and elizabeth olsen image
robert downey jr, chris evans, elizabeth olsen, and zoe saldana

12. celebrity from your favorite tv show

the office, quote, and Steve Carell image funny, meme, and Steve Carell image
steve carell

13. celebrity you would do anything to meet

Image by ᴘɪ blackpink image
nct dream and blackpink

14. celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to own

girl, girl group, and icon image kpop, momo, and twice image
son chaeyoung and hirai momo

15. celebrity you would like to bring back to life

audrey hepburn, beautiful, and black and white image asian, boy, and guy image
audrey hepburn and kim jonghyun

16. celebrity whose voice you would love to have

wendy, redvelvet, and reveluv image joy, kpop, and redvelvet image
son seungwan and/or park sooyoung

17. celebrity whose concert you would love to go to

Image by -:♡:- Temporarily removed
nct dream and/or lana del rey

18. the celebrity you saw in concert

jin, v, and rm image Image removed
bts and taylor swift

19. celebrity you would love to interview

ryan reynolds image jake gyllenhaal, Marvel, and mysterio image
ryan reynolds and jake gyllenhaal

20. favourite actress

lily collins and future image beauty, pretty, and Saoirse Ronan image
lily collins and saoirse ronan