A letter to myself. Written on my 20th birthday from a random metro car in Madrid.

The past year in Spain really taught me a lot about myself my potential and my outlook on life. My experience in this world is mine to decide and make the most of. You are only young once, only 20 once and you better full send on life while you have it.

It’s really all about the good vibes and making friends and memories and it’s time to reach the point of being comfortable with the uncomfortable and getting out of the bubble and talking to people. You never know who you might next meet so keep the social battery alive and do things and talk to people. You are in the perfect place to meet interesting people so take advantage.

Remember that God brings people to you and you are to be that light that makes a difference in their life. Live for God for his glory and praise and you will see that your life will have a new purpose and motivation to become the best.

Our god is greater than other gods so what is holding me back from being the greatest I can be? Mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, emotionally. Fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself possible. Do it for you not to impress anybody but let the results fuel the continuation. You owe it to yourself to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You know everything you need to do to get to where you wanna be and the fact that your aren’t there should be enough motivation for you.

Continue to feed your brain and grow. Read please. Get cultured get educated, develop healthy lifestyle habits, study hard, live.
Get off your phone and enjoy real time with real people and real conversations. You are in the midst of all the excitement don’t sleep on it.

Take care of yourself. Create a life for yourself that you don’t regularly need to escape from. Be your best friend. Eat healthy, stay active, dress well, do your nails and start flossing man.

Learn to be happy for others, be kind be genuine. Be the kind of friend you’d want.

Full send on life. Here’s to 20.

Oh and talk to boys.