This is my first article so i thought I'd do something simple.
This 'If I were' tag was inpired by this post:

I chose these (and for some I even did quizzes) based on who and how I am as a person, and how each thing could represent me the best.
I sound like I did a ton of research for this 😅 but I really didn't, either way, enjoy 😉

If I were ...

an element | Earth
forest, tree, and nature image grounded, soil, and earth image forest and photography image Temporarily removed
I chose this mainly because of my zodiac sign, but I guess if was really an element, earth would represente me the best
a flower | Orange Rose
roses, orange, and spring image flowers, aesthetic, and rose image aesthetic, beautiful, and garden image rose, flowers, and shadow image
I wasn't sure which rose color would fit me best but whatever, i like all types of roses anyway~
a color | Green
bright, closeup, and green image aesthetic, green, and light image фон, цветы, and зелень image green and aesthetic image
Ok, I had to do a quiz for this one cause I had NO idea what color to choose
an animal | Fox
fox, autumn, and animal image fox and animal image animal, cute, and snow image animal, animals, and fall image
Described as cunning, manipulative and emotional, it's close enough
a weather | Wind and Rain
animation, anime, and boy image be, beach, and blow image rain, car, and grunge image rain, umbrella, and grunge image
Rain was going to be here for sure. It was a very close tie between windy days and thunderstorms. I really like the sound of thunder, but I'm not a fan of when the lights go out because I'm quite dependable of my computer and my tv and both need electricity so...
a season | Autumn
autumn, fall, and leaves image fall, autumn, and pumpkin image autumn, fall, and cozy image book, coffee, and pumpkin image
I'm definitely a person who prefers the cold, most of my closet is winter clothing, but I also love autumn colors, the browns, the dark greens and the neutrals. So this wasn't too hard~
a city | London
Inspiring Image on We Heart It london, city, and travel image britain, british, and chic image call, city, and ireland image
There are A LOT of cities and how would I know which one I would be? I went with a quiz on this one too. But I've always wanted to go to London, maybe even live there… Who knows...
a view | Fireplace
Image by Cris Figueiredo Image by Marina Lieberman( König-Nebel) wood, basket, and autumn image cozy, autumn, and fall image
Comfy, soothing and only for the winter~
a time of day | Early morning
golden, rise, and sun image bonfire, camp, and coffee image 5, am, and big image girl, grunge, and night image
It's peaceful and the weather is nice
a book | The Karate Girl's Red Notebook
theme, aesthetic, and flowers image Image removed brunette, girl, and karate image animal, bug, and fly image
Truth be told, I don't read a lot of books… But this book is chaotic and all over the place and I love it. The main story (or at least what should be the main story) is treated like a subplot and instead the simple things about the life of the main character are given the spotlight...
a movie | Breakfast at Tiffany's
audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and movie image Breakfast at Tiffany's, audrey hepburn, and vintage image Breakfast at Tiffany's, audrey hepburn, and holly golightly image audrey hepburn, cat, and Breakfast at Tiffany's image
I relate to Holly on a very deep level and I feel like we're very similar (except that I don't have a thing for sugar daddies)
a TV show | Skins (UK)
skins, party, and chris image skins, cassie, and quotes image skins, rich, and grunge image skins, cassie, and sid image
Only because it's a teen comedy-drama with teenagers/young adults as main characters and I'm a young adult too so… I feel that. I would put any other teen comedy-drama like, idk, Shameless but Skins was my first show like this and it's the only one I rewatched so...
a song | Glasses
Temporarily removed aesthetic, brown, and glasses image art, kpop, and map image Image removed
Glasses by IU is basically a coming-of-age song and I felt the same way she felt when she grew up and realized the bitterness of adult life and wishing to go back to the good ol' days.
a food | Sushi
sushi, food best, and 🌺 image theme, sushi, and food image Image by sofia_giaccio31 avocado, food, and food porn image
Also did a quiz for this. Not a fan of sushi but apparently I'm 'smart, sophisticated, and fancy'. Well… thanks Buzzfeed.
a body part | Hands
art, hands, and aesthetic image aesthetic, man, and beautiful image pink, rainbow, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and couple image
There's actually no reason why I chose this, it's just because I like my own hands and it's one of the first things I notice in other people.
an accessory | Shoes
academia, body, and Dream image shoes image Temporarily removed fashion, shoes, and boots image
Is 'shoes' even an accessory? I'm gonna assume they are. Either way, I wish I had waaaay more shoes than I have. All kinds of shoes.

Congrats, you reached the end of this article.