yesterday was an amazing day, today was a bad one; let's focus with the good first

The Good: Of course I went into work assuming it was any ordinary Sunday shift. I was on salad board which meant I would be making healthy salads non-stop from 12-2, our busiest time frame. Around 2, a few customers came in wearing shirts with an emblem on it that looked very familiar to me. I caught a glimpse at the back of their t-shirts that read "Dorfex Bos", and that's when I realized I knew what their shirts represented. I saw Dorfex Bos perform at Electric Forest about two months ago. It was an incredible set; the music matched my vibe almost perfectly so we ended up jamming to the set from start to finish.

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So when I commented on their shirts, I mentioned how I saw Dorfex at Electric Forest. Here's where is gets insane: the guy who was getting food with him was Dorfex Bos himself! I cannot believe I met Dorfex Bos himself at my own work! My mind is still blown away because of all places, it was there. I got a picture of us that turned out really nice. He even said he would hit me up on instagram to share his unreleased set list from Forest.

After my shift, I went to a cook-out with my best friend. We got to play with the cutest little puppy! There was a ton of food to eat and amazing cake to follow our feast. After that, we came to my house where she got to meet the dogs I was puppy-sitting plus see how my room makeover turned out. Of course, she loved it.
Also not to mention, my best friend will be an extra in the Walking Dead this season! That was such good news to me. I really hope that she becomes a notable actress one say.

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The Bad: I already knew today wasn't going to be great when I first woke up. This was just the vibe that I felt, and I wasn't wrong. My boyfriend became mad at me because I didn't actually settle on a price to be paid for watching these dogs all summer. The owner suggested $2000,but I believe it should be $3000 ($1000 per dog). Not to mention that the food expenses came out of my pocket plus the carpet has taken some damage. They also are not potty-trained. My boyfriend thinks I should've taken account for the food expenses from the beginning, but I did not because I didn't think it was my responsibility since they aren't my dogs. Overall, it's a mess, and it's somewhat my fault. Lesson learned though: I have to be able to be upfront about everything. If I don't, I will never get anywhere in life. I'm sort of learning things the hard way.

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While all of this occurs, my mom has a fit too. My mom doesn't know how to give me personal space when I need it. Keep mind that I am almost 21 years old, I can think for myself and figure out what I need. I've told my mother repeatedly that if I need her, I will let her know. She just doesn't know how to approach issues, she rather just barge into them and then gets offended when I tell her that I am not in the mood to discuss anything right now. I love living with her, but at the same time I am ready to move on. I am my own person, and so is she.

Currently: I am starting to feel better. This past week I feel like I'm getting my life back on track again. I've challenged myself to make a to-do list for the day in my planner. I need some sort of agenda so that I can keep up with what needs to be done. The days come and go and I am very good at losing track and focus. January will be here before I know which means school will be back in session for me. I want to take advantage of this fall to do everything that I can to be prepared to return.