As always, the end of the month marks the time for me to highlight and talk about my favorite songs, so lets get right into it.

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First of all let's talk about The 1975 ~ The 1975 a really important message about climate change disguised as a song. I love this and everything that The 1975 stands and uses their platform for.
And some of the best albums that came out this month or that i've just been loving.

Immunity ~ Clario
A Song For Every Moon ~ Bruno Major
Soul Searching ~ Bazzi
Lover ~ Taylor Swift

And some singles i've been loving

Queen Of The Night ~ Hey Violet
Summer At 7 ~ Russ
Live Or Die ~ Noah Cyrus
Trauma ~ NF
I Still Do ~ Why Don't We
Hawaiian Party ~ Cub Sport
I feel like chet ~ mxmtoon and khai dreams
Honeypie ~ Johnny Utah
Rolling Thunder ~ Yoshi Flower
Heaven Falls/Fall On Me ~ Surfaces
All For Us ~ Labrinth and Zendaya
Charlie ~ Mallrat
Slow Dance ~ AJ Mitchell
Left For Denver ~ The Lumineers
Hold On ~ Illenium
Teeth ~ 5SOS
Shelter ~ Finneas
Soulmate ~ Mac Miller
I Cant Breathe ~ Bea Miller
Water Me ~ Lizzo
Real Thing ~ Ruel

Thats all for this month, as always link to the playlist above and make sure to leave a heart. Hope you're doing well <3
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