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If you are the king or queen of procrastination, then I'm sure this article is for you.

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Kaizen is a Japanese method against procrastination that can help you a lot while you are studying.

KAIZEN meaning

Kaizen means change for the better in order to improve one's life.

This method has some principles:

- Focus on needs.

- Intensive use of visual management.

- Elimination of waste and activities that do not add value to the goal.

- Focus on gemba (Japanese term meaning "real place", eg. "workplace").

- Respect for individuals, ie not blaming and not judging.

- Learn by doing and learn by teaching.

How to apply Kaizen to your study routine?

Focus on needs: Understand the need for your future career.

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Waste Elimination: Eliminate all possible distractions that may interfere with your main purpose.

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Intensive use of visual management: Organize your field of study, making your day to day easier and reducing the time you seek information when you study. One way to encourage visual management is through post-it notes, which can summarize what your goals are for that day.

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Focus on Gemba: Focus on where you will “capture” knowledge, where it adds the most value to you in your studies. You can decorate the place as you like so that you feel motivated.

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Respect for the individual: Do not blame or judge your colleagues or your teachers. The best way to improve the process is to review the way you are studying for better quality absorption of knowledge.

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Learn by doing and learn by teaching: Remember that the best learning is to do something related to what you are studying, either through exercises, simulations, labs or exchanging knowledge with others.

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