Hello guys, I'm back. And since it's back to school season, I wanted to give you my study tips.

This article contains tips on how to get good grades, school survival tips and at the end some video recommendations.

So, let's get started...

1. Pay attention in class

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That's my nummber one tip !

Honesty, If you pay attention in class and take some notes, you already got 50% of your studying done. Try to understand the topic in your class and ask questions, if you have problems understanding it.

Extra tip: Look at the teacher and make eye contact. Also nod your head at times. This will show the teacher that you pay attention and that you care about what their saying. The teacher will like you and give you better grades.

2. Take your OWN notes

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This will take up some time...

This is also very important. So once it's time to study for your exam, make your OWN notes. Don't copy your friends' notes !!!

But, how do I take notes ?

Here's how I do it:
I select all the notes, I took in class and then I read the right pages in the textbook over again and take more notes. Then I have the notes from class and my notes from the textbook and I put them together. I also search on the internet for extra information. I write all of the information down. I don't put in effort into writing just by now - I do that later...

3. Understand not only memorize !

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The most important part

That's exactly why you should take your own notes. It's easier to understand and memorize your own words.

If you understand what you study, you'll have such a deep knowledge of it. Understanding is key.

If you have problems understanding your notes or the topic, ask your teacher or ask the internet : )

4. Rewrite your notes

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Get creative now

Now it's time to take your big sheet full of ugly and disorganized notes and make them pretty and shorten them.
Read over your notes and decide what is really important and shorten your words (try to write keywords, don't write full sentences).
And now you can also make your notes really pretty.

Extra tip: work with color and markers

5. Test yourself

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Now you have basically written your notes down twice. By doing that your brain has already memorized and understood some facts. But it's time to figure out what you need to study on more.

How to test myself ?

Best ways to test yourself:

  • read your notes over
  • explain them to your parents, siblings or friends as if you are the teacher (by doing that you will see if you understood everything or not)
  • take an online test, if possible

Then keep on studying your problem topic...

6. Make flashcards

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Create your ultimate copy sheet

Make two or less small flashcards for the most important facts and for the ones you have problems memorizing, as if it's a small copy sheet.
Then learn with this flashcard.

7. The Day before

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Don't stress it's going to be okay !

The day before the exam, just read all of your notes over again and test yourself and fokus on facts you need to study more.

8. School survival tips

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  • a nice planner is your best friend
  • If you're bored, try to switch out locations (like a café..)
  • try to sit in the front seat in class
  • go to the teacher after the lesson if you're shy and have questions (it shows that you care).
  • if you feel like you can't concentrate on homework or so, take a 20 minute power nap and try again. Or go out or do a workout..
  • try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep
  • if studying is too boring for you, facetime a smart friend aka study buddy and study or write your notes together. It's a lot of fun. I do it all the time.

9. Video recommendations

How to take notes:

Getting straight A's in college:

Also please check out my study collection to get some study motivation:


So guys that was it. I hope the tips were helpful. I wish you all a great and success school year.

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Thank you for reading, love you...