Dear you,
September is here and with it school beginning too, I wanna show everyone my summer glow up and I will by doing the following actions the first 2 weeks of Sep ;)

Here we go!


I wanna do some body activity since Day 1, my plans are to do 3 minutes of squats everyday and walk at least 3km per day

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skin care

everytime I'm having a shower I'll scrub my whole body, every morning I'm going to put some cream on my face and hands

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I'm going to paint my nails the day before school starts, I'll use a color that will value myself :)

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some days before the Big Restart I'm going to choose the first day of school outfit, something simple, elegant and not too hot cause it will be hot still!

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healthy meals

the week before school start I'll try to eat only healthy food, avoiding junk food and eating more vegetables and fruit

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That's all for now, let me know if you have any advice for my summer glow up and school restart!


in case you wanted more ;)