The one who truly doesn't exist but the only one who truly has my heart.

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His look.
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Where you will usually see him
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How he'd look at me. When I'm not looking or when he catches me staring at him off guard. Also when I make him laugh.
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How passionate he'd feel about me. It'd be love at first sight but he would see me first. He would be so in love with me and it would last for eternity.
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He'd be old school and new school. Old school: Pretty flowers, dates, poetry, surprises, romantic confessions for me, always loyal to me, etc. New school: respects me as a woman, will always be happy for me (even if I make more money or have better opportunities), supportive, and will never leave me.
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His secret and how he'd do it. He'd take me to what I thought was just a night museum art exhibit but when we got there he'd blindfold me. Telling me it's a part of the exhibit and it came with the tickets he bought. Then he'd lead me to the center of our favorite exhibit and he'd take the blindfold off me whispering in my ear to stand where I am. Then he'd kneel down behind me and pull out the ring and propose to me. I'd say yes and we would actually live our happy lives even after death together & in love.