soo i'm looking for a pen pal, i have couple of them and it's really fun so i thought it would be cool to get more of them and write to other people too from different countries! and if you're not interested in exchanging letters, i'd also love to get more internet friends haha, so just send me a postcard or message me on instagram @majsaarinen !

i got the idea to write this from this article:

it's a best friend application, so i thought that if i introduce myself, then maybe people who would be interested would already know me a little bit better and see if we have something in common lol so here we go!


name: Monica
nicknames: i really don't have one lol
gender + pronouns: female & she/her
age: sixteen (16)
zodiac sign: aquarius (pisces moon, sagittarius rising)
relationship status: i'm taken yeA
country: Finland
language(s): english, finnish


height: 170cm
hair: redish brown & straight
eye colour: mostly green, but i have a bit of brown in the centre of my iris
tattoos/piercing: i have a nose piercing, normal ear piercings and an industrial, and damn i want tattoos so badly that it hurts
glasses?: well yea but i mostly use contact lenses
clothing style: mostly grunge


good traits: loyal, good at writing and drawing, funny and understands sarcasm, reads a lot, great imagination, will crush you on mario cart, good listener and good at giving advice, i'm also a vegetarian! hehe
bad traits: can be really pessimistic, doesn't get really emotional, has a really bad anxiety so will disappear sometimes for a while
likes: everything horror related, dogs, skating, hALLOWEEN, stargazing, astronomy, sending memes, rain, art, snakes, late night conversations, vintage things, makeup, dragons, tattoos and lot's of more other things
dislikes: cats (i'M SORRY), spiders, school p.e, spring andddd fake friends
biggest fears: spiders lol, airplanes but not like travelling with them, just that when they fly really low and it makes really loud noise i'm always afraid it'll crash into my house haha'
biggest dreams: visit the bran castle, travel around the world, become an author


movies: big hero 6 and transformers, i also love classic teen movies like mean girls and clueless
books: every book by stephanie garber, holly bourne and ruth ware, i also love diary of the wimpy kid -books lmao
tv shows: stranger things, love, death & robots, black mirror, the 100 and temptation island finland (dON'T JUDGE ME), i also watch some anime like tokyo ghoul, blue exorcist and attack on titan
colour(s): purple has been my fave since i was a little kid, also very dark blue
music: i stan gorilaz, grimes, twenty one pilots and bring me the horizon, but i also love yungblud, nirvana, linkin park, blackbear, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, the neighbourhood, lil peep, lana del ray and billie eilish
food(s): i'm basic sorry but i love pizza
animal(s): dogs, wolfs and snakes
seasons: autumn and winter

soooo yeah, that's kinda the basic information of myself, if (keyword: if) you seem interested, just message me lol i'll answer you 110%! <3