Just wanted to rant.. I think this is going to be a new collection on my page to be honest. A lot of things on the internet bother me, especially since I'm super opinionated.

So today, I saw this post on facebook that read, "some of y'all just don't know what it's like trying to get on your feet in this world when you come from nothing cause y'all been spoon fed and handed sh*t y'all whole life."

There's a lot of problematic points to this statement & mindset. First of all, why would anyone even be upset that someone hasn't experienced struggle in a certain area of life? Everyone is trying to be up. That's is everyone's goal, to come OUT of the struggle & get to where these "silver spoon fed" people have been their whole lives. So can anyone explain why people are mad that others have been struggle free in certain areas of life?

Let's say, for argument's sake, that the people who feel this way about "spoon fed" people feel this way because they feel as though everyone should go through the struggle to be able to understand & appreciate their blessings more. (Using this example because I can't imagine anyone being upset for any other reason than this one.) You don't have to GO through something to understand it. Think about it.... As parents, people typically have went through things that they don't want their kids to go through. Why do you think they set up trust funds and other things to make sure that their kid(s) never have to go broke?

Why are people so upset about others not having a problem in a certain area of life? I keep saying a certain area because we all have problems. Our OWN. UNIQUE. PROBLEMS. So while some may not know the struggle YOU know, doesn't mean they don't know struggle.

Anyway, just wanted to shed light on this topic that seems to be trending lately. thanks for reading !

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