I already have homework for this school year and I found myself constantly thinking, "I can't, I can't, I don't want to."

But it is not about what I want to do, I know that school is important. Education is important. I am writing this to give some practical motivation for this school year.

This school year is not going to be easy, but by trying your best and taking advantage of any extra help offered, it is more than possible. I know that at times, it gets to be a bit much. The course work, tests, and challenges can be overwhelming, but just remember that this is all for a reason.

We are the future. Whether or not you think you'll use what you learn in math today or tomorrow is not the point. The point is that when we are out in the real world, we will have to know how to overcome challenges. We will have to know about problems and how to fix them.

It's not about whether you will need your math or science class because you want to become a rocket scientist one day. It is about what we take away from these years we spend in school. It'd be a waste to degrade school to just grades and years that rush by. Sometimes I take for granted how blessed I am to have somewhere to go to school, to have access to information and people who want to see me succeed.

So, back to school it is. It isn't easy and it isn't perfect, but it does matter. Make this school year count.