Name:Noelle Hargreeves
Code Name:The Sun
Birthday:1 October 1989
Age:stuck at the age of 13


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at the age of 13


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energy manipulation:she have super strenght and great stamina,and she can release powerfull photonic rays that can destroy everything,when she use this power she lights up like a light bulb and from here comes her code name:The Sun.
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she is an eternal teenager and she is stuck at the age of 13 because of the time travell she took with Five.Noelle can be very sweet and kind,rarely can get angry but when she does she is very violet especially because of her powers and it's better to no go near her.She doesn't get along with some members of her "family" but she would do anything for them.


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teenage vide,she used to wear gloves because when se couldn't controll her powers she burned people by just touching them.


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Noelle is one of the forty-three children who were all born on the sane day in 1989 to a mother without any previuos signs of pregancy.She was born in France,in a farm near Bordeaux,her mother Anais was just seventeen years old when she gave the birth to the miraculous baby girl.In the beginning she wanted to keep the baby but because of her parents and the money that Sir Reginald Hargreeves had offered her,she gave the baby to him.He trained Noelle with other seven children to make them save the world.


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except for Luther,Vanya and sometimes Allison,Noelle had get along with every of her sibilings especially Diego and Klaus.She was trained harder than her sibilings because of her anger issues and the photonic rays that almost kille Ben twice and destroyed the wall in her room and the table in the kitchen four times.She was forced to lift heavy objects likes cars and furniture all day and night giving her headache and blood loss from her nose.Noelle was the sweetheart of the house,adored by her mother and loved by most of her sibilings.Even if she was kind and sweet she hated her father and he was almost always the reason of her angry behavior and she still have nightmares about his torture.When she came back the music changed,she avoided her father as much as possible and she didn't spoke to him if not for the "good morning" and "good night".After his death she was finally relieved.


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Luther Hargreeves:brother,she never really liked him because he was too blinded by their father while Noelle didn't wanted to listen to him,this had caused a lot of argument between them.
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Diego Hargreeves:brother,they have a really special relathionship.Diego was always protective of Noelle because respect to him she was really small.After she disappeared in the future with Five,Diego had spent his time searching for them,and when she came back with her 13 years old form Diego never stopped teasing her,but he was so so happy to have her back.
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Allison Hargreeves:sister,Noelle used to look up at Allison when the were kids and Allison liked to act like an older sister.Back in the Academy they told each other everything and talked about girly thing.When Noelle came back she founded out that Allison daughter middle name is Noelle.Their relathionship become complicated when Luther accused Noelle of her father murder.
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Klaus Hargreeves:brother,these two love each other to death.After they father had closed Klus in that hole,Noelle was the first to go to see how he was and confort him.They were really close at the Academy,and when she disappered with Five he wanted to live the house.After she came back he told her about Dave and he cried in her arms.
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Five Hargreeves:brother,she loves him in every possible way you can love some one.Back in the Academy she had feelings for him and she started to see him more than a "brother" even if Five was cold and peevish towards averyone,he always had a soft spot for Noelle.In fact when she told her that he was going to see the future during the process to stop him,she was teleported with him.They spent years together with Dolores,of wich she was jelaous,during another attempt to go back in their time,Five teleported just Noelle two years before their father death.When he came back too they hugged till they almost cocked under the shocke express of their sibilings.
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Ben Hargreeves:brother,while he was very quiet Noelle was very talktive and loud.She trusted him with all her body and she always confided with him especially with her feelings for Five.She wasn't with him when he died and when she heard the news she was devastated.
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Vanya Hargreeves:sister,she never really spoke with her,only fews words when is was really necessary when they were kids in the beggining of the Academy.When Noelle came back was surprised to see that Vanya was the first there for her and during that time they become closer and closer.
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Sir Reginald Hargreeves:father,she never liked him.She doesn't see him like a father but like a boss who likes to torture his children.She never had listened to him during the training and her punishiment or harder training was to stay in a room with several degrees below the zero or in a buth full of ice to see how much her hot power could resist to the cold.When she was back she was forced to live with him again,even if Diego,Allison and Vanya offered themself to take care of her,the night of his death they had a huge fight and she went at Diego's.
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Grace:mother,she gave her a name,she raised her,she keep her in clothes,she taught her how to speak,walk and draw,Noelle loves her with all her heart.Grace was always against Reginald when he wanted to punish the kids and she always say to them that she is proud of them.If Noelle obey to Reginald is because of Grace.
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Pogo:she was really close to him when she was a childa and even closer when she came back and forced to live with her father,he and Grace were the only reasons why she stayed.


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her room in the academy


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in order to calm her down,her mother gave her a set for painting and a bunch of books.


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Noelle loves Five.Five loves Noelle.Even if they aren't dating they have "secrets" feelings for each other.Noelle always had feelings for him since the Academy while Five respected her but after spending so much time alone in the future he started to see her more than a siter too.When Noelle was back alone she was devastated and she cried so hard that day.She had spent the two years before Five come back searching for a way to bring him back too.After returning to the present they become attached to the hip and they would go to the end of the world for each other.Even if the fact that they are in their 13-years-old bodies they are not scared of the feeling that they have for each other.They always fight like and older married couple in front of the others but when they are alone they are all smiles and hands holding,Klaus,Ben-phantom and Diego are they harder supporter especially Klaus who always tease Five about his "Not so little crush"for Noelle.