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favorite tv show
Temporarily removed 11:11 and 11.11.11 image doctor who image clock, doctor who, and time image
doctor who
a tv show you thought you wouldn't like but you ended up liking it
knife, aesthetic, and fantasy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic and game of thrones image
game of thrones
a tv show you wish you would live in
city, new york, and building image gold, rose, and rose gold image champagne and drinks image house, home, and white image
gossip girl
a tv show that reminds you of your childhood
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed boots, shoes, and brown image aesthetic, white, and locker image
wizards of waverly place
a tv show that you have abandoned
diner image girls, friends, and stop flagging things image food, drink, and milkshake image fashion, blue, and vintage image
the most underrated tv show
door and eyes image Image by - ̗̀starlight ̖́- aesthetic, tools, and mechanic image Image by alarming_aesthetics
a series of unfortunate events
a tv show that you've watched several times
Temporarily removed Image by mery Temporarily removed grunge and soft grunge image
that 70's show
a tv show that you need to see
ginger, girl, and red image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by Daydreamer
anne with and "e"
favourite tv show relationship
Temporarily removed f. scott fitzgerald, life, and thoughts image Temporarily removed hug, couple, and theme image
frary, reign