You know when you've found a guy or a girl, doesn't really matter in this world we are living in today, and they give you all kinds of butterflies and you just feel how this could be it or they could be the real thing, the end game? You know?

But oh well, timing is a bitch.

Happend to me this summer. I mean, I've known him for like 2 years or so but this summer things changed. Suddenly we were holding hands at a party, hugging goodbye for eternity. We've never been so close. I've been in the friendzone for a year and now finally we're starting to get out of the friendzone. And this could be something wonderful, I know that. Maybe we truly are meant to. And we both know that now.

But I'm leaving. And that decision has been made. I cannot change it. And I'll always keep wondering, what if?

For anyone who is reading this and can relate: life happens, and those kind of what ifs are the worst. But eventually everything happens for a reason. If it's meant to be, it will be. Life has its ways. Just bare with me, hold on thight and let the rollercoaster continue.

Love always,
Aprilette xx