Hi lovelies! As someone who is starting my senior year of highschool, I thought it would be helpful to give some advice about highschool and how to be successful.


- be polite to everyone and compliment other girls! I promise just one compliment will make her entire day, if you really like that skirt or whatever, TELL HER!
- even if someone has done you wrong in the past, still be civil with them and show you're the bigger person. Holding grudges and being petty will only prolong the drama
-always be willing to help someone whether that be helping with assignments. giving someone a tampon in the bathroom or just handing over a scrunchie. It will make their day easier and hopefully they'll be there to help you in the future too
-if you find yourself in friend drama, DO NOT talk about the other person with others. You may trust them but it is always possible that the bad tings you say make their way back to that person.
- having lots of friends is not important, the quality of your friends is


- try not to procrastinate, I do it all the time and it bites me in the ass. Don't be a me.
- AP/Honors classes are not always worth the stress! Do not fold to the pressure of taking these difficult courses if you know school stresses you easily
- keep in touch with your school counselor, they can advocate for you if your teacher won't listen to you or take you seriously. Especially if your mental health is interfering with work, let them know! They will contact your teachers and they will hopefully make things easier for you.
- ask for help, always.
- go to class! attendance is important if you want to be able to attend school activities like prom


-get involved with clubs
- bring earbuds with you
- keep a water bottle in your backpack

being involved is NOT lame. Participate in spirit days, go to the sports games and school dances. It will make your experience more fun

Goodluck this school year! Let me know if you'd like more specific advice or message me if you need someone to talk to! XOXO