I saw a couple of these popping around the site, and I've thought of myself as one to have bucket lists but I do have many goals so here we go.

These are things I hope to do this fall.

1. Study every weekday

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I want to study every day but I don't want to stress during the weekends.

2. Watch a scary movie every day of October

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I love scary movies and I saw someone talk about this challenge where you watch a scary movie every day in october and I really want to do it.

3. Live in blankets

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I just want to snuggle up and forget about the world, okay? Go, blankets!

4. Remember to use moisturizer and lip balm

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Last year my skin got so dry I just really wanna avoid that this year

5. Have a halloween horror night with my friends

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I tried to do this last year and we ended up just hanging out and talking.

6. Finish Christmas gifts before December

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I like to finish everything I have to do before all the Christmas stuff happens because then I can enjoy the holiday vibes without any stress.

I hope you enjoyed this! It's my first article so be nice lol.

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cover photo if anyone wanted it lol