Hello hearters,
I said before that I watch a lot of TV shows and that's true. Today I will do another article about aesthetic. All shows here are ones that I enjoy and love to watch. Also you can check my first TV shows aesthetic article here:

Let's start.

angel, cold, and heart image angel and wings image hell, aesthetic, and grunge image character, detective, and edit image aesthetic, character, and demon image lucifer, lucifer morningstar, and brothers image aesthetic, character, and edit image character, doctor, and edit image
riverdale image riverdale, aesthetic, and wallpaper image riverdale image riverdale, serpent, and jacket image Temporarily removed aesthetic, cw, and football image chanel, clothes, and black image red, lips, and fire image
gossip girl, xoxo, and quotes image aesthetic, blair waldorf, and chandelier image gossip girl, blair, and serena image aesthetic, blair waldorf, and leighton meester image gif, dress, and legs image Image removed aesthetic, bass, and black image gossip girl, Chace Crawford, and boy image vannesa and brakefast image Taylor Momsen and the pretty reckless image
architecture, interior, and chandelier image drink image icons, liz, and victorious image girl power, girls, and boss babe image couple, dynasty, and carrington image dynasty, nathalie kelley, and grant show image
gif, the flash, and barry allan image
aesthetic, lightning, and gold image series, the flash, and barry allen image aesthetic, coffee, and cw image Image removed accessories and style image aesthetic, blue, and chemistry image aesthetic, blue, and fandom image Temporarily removed
aesthetic, angel, and church image Image removed Image removed clary, silent brothers, and shadowhunters image character, edit, and fandom image art, Brushes, and paint image boy, man, and city image Temporarily removed isabelle lightwood and shadowhunters image vampire, lips, and teeth image

That's all for now. I hope you like it and see you soon with new articles. Check my previous articles here: