So, after a long time, I´m posting again! This time about one of the best animes (in my opinion). Actually, it´s surprising the amount of time I sometimes spend imagining this...

As always, here are some inspirations/recomendations

Let´s get started!

Name: Nagamine Matsu
Hero Name: Thempo

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
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1,65m, short dark hair, grey eyes, round face

Nickname: Tofu, Mochi

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because of her round face and rose cheeks

Age: 16

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She´s very caring, protective, logical, and passionate. She always tries to keep her cool but is really anxious at the same time. She´s an ambivert and goal-oriented. She has a strong personality but tries to control her impulses.


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over-sized, comfy, clean, vintage

Quirk: Thermometer - she can control an element´s temperature. This means that she can also control its physical form.

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she can change the temperature of everything that she touches. But she also feels the temperature in her body, so she needs to balance her temperature. Her outfit helps with it and she trains to gain body and mental resistance.

Hero Outfit

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It is dark grey with neon lights bordering her body, they show the temperature changing color and level, just like a neon thermometer. It helps her to balance her body temperature. She also has a utility belt with pieces of materials she can use, fingerless gloves (because she needs to touch something to change its temperature), and a gas mask with a special built-in visor because depending on the material, if the temperature changes, it can become toxic. And she is equipped with bracelets and anklets to help with body combat.


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She has a 7-year-old younger sister named Nagamine Nao, that lives with their grandma, Aiko. She´s becoming a hero to protect them and all the others that can´t do it themselves.
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- Her little sister´s quirk is to control the size of things, she can either make something become pocket size or giant size, but the side effect is that she still didn't learn how to control her own size yet. And her grandma can modify her own features, for example, she can change her hair, eye and skin color, her height and weight... But she can´t actually transform in another person nor shapeshift. Their mom was "bionic", her senses and resistance were superhuman and their dad was able to change the weight of things. But they disappeared when Matsu was 12 and Nao 3.

Best Friends:

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Mezo Shoji, Kirishima Eijirou, Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, Itsuka Kendo, Yosetsu Awase, Manga Fukidashi, and Mei Hatsume. They keep her level-headed and motivated.

- Class: Originally in 1c, but transferred to 1a after learning how to use her skill in a wiser way.

Hero tutors:

Image by 言思觅
Image by 言思觅 Image by 言思觅 Image by 言思觅 Image by 言思觅
She worked with Edgeshot, he's her tutor. Besides him, she admires Kamui Woods a lot. At UA her favorite teacher is Sniper but she's always taking advice from Recovery Girl and Nezu.

That´s it... Hope you like! And give lots of loves to BNHA >.<