We talk about the relationship when we are in love, it seems like everything is so good. We feel like we are in heaven. But does it really happen? People say that when you are in true love with someone, you do not like other people, but according to me it is not right to say that it is 95% correct but we cannot say that it is absolutely 100% true. It is our human nature that we can have any choice at any time, I am not saying that it is right to cheat or double dating with someone. But it is not wrong to like or have a crush on someone. If your partner is attracted to someone else while he has in a relationship with you, then we cannot say that your partner's character is loose. No, do you know that he is upset with some of your things, or you are not able to pay attention to him, or there are some changes in your Behavior and when this happens in a relationship, So: We must talk to our partners once before direct blaming. By doing this your problems will be sorted and your love will increase further. When we are in love, we expect a lot from our partner and when we are hurt, we put all our blames on our partner, while it is wrong for me because we keep the hopes from them. why put them on. There is never any mistake of a single person, do we know anything, we understand something else and someone else feels different, then we cannot be fully responsible for anything. Sometimes such a situation comes with us when we do not feel like talking to them at all. We are irritated so it does not mean that our love has ended for them or our relationship has not been the same. No, it is not that we should understand the feeling of our partner, instead of blaming it, instead of saying that you do not love me any more or not as in the way you did before. We should always understand our partner's feelings or should give them priority. Because if we do this so there are many chances that your partner will share with you those problems which he or she does not want to share with you. Or if it happens then this will great your relationship will be longer and trustable too.

"In a relationship when communication starts to fade, everything else follows"