Hi loves, happy september!

ok, so i don’t know what happened to me in the month of august, i came home from traveling and i felt like i just wasn’t myself. I think i changed in the 2 months i was traveling, learnt to be independent, adventurous and more confident, and after i few weeks i came home i just became (again) a version of myself i didn’t wanted to see this soon. So this month i’m going to try (and hopefully succeed) to find myself again.

So i’m making this an article to maybe find someone else that’s in the same position as me, wanting to find themselves and/or becoming the best version of themselves, so if you want to you can message me here and we support each other.

Sorry for the long intro, but here’s the steps i’m going to try to make:

1. Writing the things that you love and the things you want to change about yourself.

Try to make it more about personality or skills that you have more than psychical things, be completely honest with yourself, nobody else will read it, this list is just for you.

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2. Find new hobbies.

I think this is one of the more important tips, i feel like i use way to much my phone instead of being creative, it could be a sport, gym, drawing, journaling (my favorite), designing, reading, playing an instrument, writing poetry or songs.

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3. Be adventurous.

It’s so important to get out of your bubble and see new places, even if in your own home town, just explore, go for a walk and try to find a new café or bookstore.

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4. Enjoy every moment.

I’m guilty of just trying to do things quick, but i’m gonna try just to enjoy the moment, romanticize the moment, painting my nails, a walk in the park, playing with a dog, a shower, a boring family meeting (they aren’t to be here forever)

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5. Learn new things

It could be a subject like psychology (what i wanna learn) or fashion, art, cooking. Anything but never stop learning!

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6. Do a vision board or a collection here on WHI

I'm a visual person, so i like to have a collection of pictures that made me feel something, I actually have another whi just for pictures i really like but ruin my aesthetic (so silly i know) but i have a couple of collections of what i want my life to look like and who i would want to be.

I think that’s it for this article, i’m going to do more of this type of article for september, so if you like them follow my article collection:

Remember that if you want to chat, need advice or just feedback on the article i’m always available!