Today has started September, and so I will tell you some things you need for the return to the school/highschool.

First, I live in Spain, and here I start the highschool on September 12.

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school supplies

Watercolor brush pen: They are very useful to improve your titles in handwritten presentations or for any title of a subject, if you are a darker remember to use the darkest!

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Stabilo Boss Pens: These markers are perfect to underline words or phrases in your notebooks, they don't have any dark ones but you can add them with another dark marker when you want to write and make a gradient.

highlighter and stabilo image


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Another marks/pens/marking pens


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autumn, college, and fall image

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purple luv

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and this is it, you will have another article soon where I will show you ideas to do in your subjects of subjects.

This article will be soon in German and Spanish!

Thank you for watching and enjoy!