Have you guys seen Kylie and Travis lately, I mean like, oh my word, they are slaying with their baby girl, Stormi. They are so cute together and Stormi is even cuter dominating the red carpet for the first time at the age of one, I can’t seem to get over her cutness and I think Kylie feels the same way because she can’t seem to stop taking cute mom and daughter selfies with her dearest and I’m not complaining, keep doing you Kylie!

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Going back to Travis and Kylie. They be looking so cute together and they seem to be loving each other’s company. Imma be honest with you, I didn’t expect to see Kylie with Travis and I don’t mean it in a mean way, I just mean, I didn’t see it coming and I’m freaking glad they found each other, they seem like the perfect pair and I can’t seem to get over it.

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All heads turned when Travis and Kylie stepped onto the red carpet at Travis’s Look Mom I Can Fly premiere with Travis wearing a brown two piece suit and Kylie wearing a tight white dress that show off her curves with a white scarf and matching white heels. They looked completely different yet the same and I loved it.

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Whose excited about Travis's new documentary; Look Mom I Can Fly because I definitely am, I mean like come on he deserves our support because he’s taking good care of our girl here; Kylie. The documentary stars both Kylie and Stormi and it talks about the start of his career until last year when he became a father to a beautiful baby girl. I can’t wait for it to stream on Netflix. Come one guys, let’s support, he deserves it!