Hi guys!! After two thousand years (lol jk) I came back and today I decided to do an article about my august playlist.
Btw, I can't believe it´s already september. My school is about to start. Someone send help pls :´)

Here we go. Hope you enjoy it!


at least i look cool - Sasha Sloan

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"I think tonight I'm going out / I'm getting off my sh*tty couch / Ready to f*ck my bank account / And I'm not myself / But at least I look cool"

Bubble Gum - Clairo

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"Sorry I didn't kiss you / But it's obvious I wanted to / Bubble gum down my throat and it's a curse / But my luck couldn't get any worse"

I´ll Stil Have Me - CYN

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"If I don't have you / At least I'll still have me"

Checkmate - Conan Gray

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"I'll let you think you won / Date in the park, I'll play it super dumb / Holding your hand, but in the other one / I'm holding a loaded gun / Yeah, baby, you should really run"

The King - Conan Gray

king, got, and jon snow image conan and conan gray image
"You like me, oh, obviously / So why you trying to leave when you know that I'm the king? / (You'll see) / 'Cause I'm supreme / (Choose me)"


(bruh I´m already wanting to cry just by thinking about this song)

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"Girl, would it kill you just to throw a little bit of attention?/ If I hurt you, I'm afraid God's gonna teach me a lesson/ Now would you hate me if I said goodbye/ So quick you could eat my dust?/ Now would you hate me if I run like hell/ In the wind from dawn 'til dusk?/ When you cry, you waste your time/ Over boys you never liked/ Can you not be so obvious?/ So keep it light/ So keep it light"

Dissolve - Absofacto

love, cd, and music image art, black, and black & white image
"I just wanted you to watch me dissolve / Slowly / In a pool full of your love"

(I always tought that it was "in a pool full of love, your love" I-)

All Girls Are The Same - Juice Wrld

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"Ten minutes, she tell me it would take ten minutes/ To break my heart, oh no she didn't"

Norman F***ing Rockwell - Lana Del Rey (aka f***ing queen)

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"Goddamn, man-child/ You f*cked me so good that I almost said "I love you"/ You're fun and you’re wild/ But you don't know the half of the sh*t that you put me through/ Your poetry's bad and you blame the news/ But I can’t change that, and I can't change your mood, ah"

Happiness is a butterfly - Lana Del Rey

happy, lana, and sad image aesthetic, black, and blue image
"I said "Don't be a jerk, don't call me a taxi"/ Sitting in your sweatshirt, crying in the backseat, ooh/ I just wanna dance with you"
  • Btw, go listen to the new Lana Del Rey album called "Norman F***ing Rockwell!"!!!! *


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