I LOVE Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes and I totally ship them, I mean did you see them at the VMAs, they were looking hot and it seemed as if they weren’t even trying!

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They were #couple goals and if you don’t like them then you’re a HATER because who can’t like these two young lovebirds. Okay, can we just take about their performance, they looked hot and their performance was great but was I the only one waiting for that magical kiss, I mean they were so close yet they didn’t kiss. I was sitting in the edge of my seat waiting for them to kiss but nothing happened, it left me so frustrated!

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At the end of their performance they hugged and I was like; can’t you give us something but let’s be honest, they keep us wanting more of them, from the music video of Señorita to the performance, I didn’t think they’d want their relationship this public but we like what we see. If they break up then I don’t know what I’d do with myself because if it doesn’t work for them then who am I? They got all hot and cozy during the VMAs 2019 and I don’t know about you but it definitely got me wanting to see more of them, they seemed like they couldn’t get their hands off each other, it was the hottest sight to see. I was like woah, can you give us a break from the cuteness, we need to breath! :)

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