Autumn is officially here and my bucket list is already full of things I want to achieve this 3 months. Here are some of the most important goals of this list :


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This year I will have a lot of free time and my mum suggested we could start Yoga together and I am really excited about it.

We heart it

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I want this year to be more involved with my we heart it page, upload more stuff, write more articles.


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This year I got a new phine with a very good camera and a pollaroid so I am going to use them a lot.


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I live on an island and there are so many beautiful places and it is time to explore them.

Redesign my room

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I think that redesigning my room will also help me get motivated to do all the other things on the list. I will crave change in my life.

Read 6 books

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I recently got so many books and I have to read as much as I can.

Watch at least 2 series

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So many series on my watch list that I have to check out.


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I am not the kind of girl who takes care care of herself that much, but this year I want to show my self some more love.


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Next year I am going to leave by my self, so i think it is time.

And that's that my friends. I hope you enjoyed it and you got some ideas.
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