1: Your Favourite band:

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Bts, Shinee, One Ok Rock, The Rose

2: The celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance:

kpop, suhyun, and akmu image korea, kpop, and yg image kpop, suhyun, and akmu image Temporarily removed
Suhyun (AKMU)

3: The celebrity i would love to have over for dinner:

deanfujioka, tatsuofujioka, and deanfujiokaecho image
Dean Fujioka ( I personally love to ask about the inspiration behind echo and Fukushima )

4: The celebrity would would play you in a movie about your life:

jdrama, jactor, and dori sakurada image
hes too beautiful to play me but i wanted to mention Dori Sakurada in this article because he is too beautiful not too.

5: The celebrity who was my first crush :

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Winona Ryder

6:The celebrity i would like to date in a movie:

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Thomas Sanders

7: The celebrity i would love to trade lives with:

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Avril Lavigne

8: The celebrity who is my favourite Disney star:

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Emma watson , Demi Lovato

9: The celebrity you would love to be best friends with:

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Again, Thomas Sanders

10: The celebrity who's your favourite song writer:

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Thomas Sanders, Dodie Clark, Tessa Violet, Beth Crowley, Alec Benjamin, Min Yoongi

11: The celebrity who is from your favourite movie:

satoh takeru image
Takeru Satoh (If cats disappeared from the world)

12: The celebrity who's from my favourite tv show:

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Bex Taylor Klaus (Pidge- Voltron)

13: The celebrity you would do anything to meet:

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Haruka Fukuhara

14: The celebrity whos wardrobe you would like to own:

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15: The celebrity you would like to bring back to life:

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