Hi lovelies ♡
It's September, which means one thing... autumn is here! For my second article of the fall series I decided to write about how to have a lovely night indoors in autumn.🍁

When fall rolls around and the weather starts to cool off, the trees are changing colors, pumpkin spice- flavored everything is at your fingertips and you have a great excuse to stay under your warm blankets!!🍁🍂 I love coming around with creative ideas on how to savor these moments, so I thought I would share with you my idea of a perfect night during autumn.

1. Organize your space.

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Grab your favorite warm blankets and pillows and those fairy lights and make your room an autumn wonderland! Light up some pumpkin and cinnamon candles to warm up your space, or sit by the fireplace to listen to the fire cracking! Make your spαce warm and comfortable!

2. Warm clothes.

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Sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans, your fuzzy knee high socks and scarves! Also some indoor warm boots.

3. Bake some sweets.

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Some ideas for baking are cookies, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin or apple pie and caramel apples. You can also grab some snacks llike popcorn and candy or make some hot chocolate and coffee!

4. Read books.

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Read your favorite books while drinking something warm, some spooky stories or gothic tales like "Dracula", "The Monk" or "Frankenstein" ( don't forget halloween!!) , some Harry Potter perhaps, and if you are a writer.. what's better than writing under fairylights and the scent of fall candles?

5. Watch movies and shows.

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Some movie recommentations: Horror classics like the "Scream", "A haunted house", "the shining". Halloween and gothic classics like "Beetlejuice", "The Adams family", "Frankenstein", "Edward Scissorhands" (any Tim Burton films in general), "Hocus Pocus" etc. Family friendly films like "Ghostbusters", "Casper", "The nightmare before christmas".

6. Make a playlist.

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You can use your playlist as backround music while reading a book and drinking your pumpkin beverage! If you are in the halloween mood you could also listen to some spooky music (some recommentations ahead): The Vampire masquerade, Salem's secret, Eban Schletter- forever lurking, Rezurex- Everyday is halloween, Sarah Vaughan- Bewitched, The creeps- the Whip, Creature Feature- Grave robber at large, the ventures- fear.
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That's all! I hope you found this article interesting and helpful ♡
Until next time 🍁🍂 - Rhea.