Hey sweeties!
Is September already, most of you are thinking about school more than everything. Others are already at school and have tests, works, etc. So I will help you guys to reduce your stress.
Hope you like it.
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My school colletion:

1| Listen to music

Music can makes miracles!! If you can’t listening to the music that you like, then put some nature or instrumental sounds on youtube.

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2| Drink some tea

A lot of teas has a relax capacity, like chamomile. Drink it and you will see the result.

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3| Eat something

I’m sorry for this one but to me eat is the solution for almost everything. I love eat. Ahah Now talking seriously eat, BUT in moderation!!

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4| Clean

I don’t know you guys, but I like to clean so it helps me to forget my problems and also I make a thing that I have to do :P

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5| Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress. Because putting physical stress on your body through exercise can relieve mental stress.

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6| Write

Every time I’m stressed with something I stop and write about it, I write everything I’m feeling, everything I think about it and everything bad I would like to scream to someone or something. In the end I feel more relaxed!!

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7| Chew Gum

The easier and faster way to reduce your stress!!

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8| Friends, Family and animals

Stop what you’re doing and go out with your friends, take a lunch or dinner with your family or give some time to take care of your animal. Love always helps.

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9| Laugh

Watch something funny on youtube or on TV!! You will forget everything bad in your life fast.

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10| Read my articles, or vent with me ahah

Sometimes just time can helps, so don’t worry, one day everything will be ok. <3

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See you next post.
XOXO, Anita
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