let's get our fall feels out! the best season of the year is at the door. i challenge you to do the "this or that" tag with me!

  • coffee or tea?
beige, brown, and coffee image coffee and cafe image
coffee. always coffee.
  • apple pie or pumpkin pie?
autumn, fall, and cake image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image
i have never tried pumpkin pie so i can't and shouldn't really say pumpkin pie but i am going to bake one for the first time this fall and i am hella excited so i choose pumpkin pie.
  • hot cider or fresh donuts?
donuts, food, and chocolate image donuts, Halloween, and autumn image
i have never had hot cider and i am not really a big fan of donuts but since i've had them, donuts.
  • turtlenecks or scarfs?
fashion, winter, and autumn image fashion, style, and jeans image
  • sunny or rainy?
nature, sunset, and trees image Temporarily removed
i need a daily dose of both.
  • cinnamon roll or caramel apple?
food, sweet, and cinnamon roll image food, sweet, and fall image
they are called cinnamon bun where i am from, but yes.
  • sweaters or cardigans?
fashion, celine, and style image fashion, autumn, and fall image
used to be a cardigan girl but now i am a sweaters girl and i am never going back.
  • stay home or go out?
girl, aesthetic, and vintage image city, travel, and view image
i'd rather stay inside, but i need at least one window open to let some of that crispy air in.
  • read a book or watch netflix?
Image removed book image
read. obviously.
  • neutral or colorful?
theme, roleplay, and dark theme image black, dark, and icon image
i am always in neutral and black. always.
  • cosy blankets or chimney heat?
fire, winter, and cozy image Temporarily removed
both, at the same time.
  • hot chocolate or pumpkin spice lattes?
coffee, cozy, and winter image coffee, drink, and chocolate image
hot cocoa.
  • scary movies or haunted houses?
black, ahs, and gold image netflix, cozy, and series image
scary movies and tv-shows.
  • candles or fairy lights?
candle, light, and autumn image Image removed
scented candles** to be picky.
  • late night car driving or bike riding?
Temporarily removed black, aesthetic, and dark image
with ambient music, company where silence is comfortable and raindrops sailing down car windows, i am all for that good shit.
  • town or forest in the fall?
rain, autumn, and city image autumn, fall, and city image
the town life where i am from is always super cozy in the fall.