Hey guys!

So, finally, autumn is here! The time of thick sweaters and pumpkins and vanilla scented candles. :D

Today I want to make short bucket list of the things I want to do this fall. :) Maybe you guys will get some idas of what to do, or maybe you have any suggestions for what else I should do. If so, DM me. ;)

1. Make an apple pie

fall, food, and pie image Image removed

2. Pick and dry leafs

autumn, fall, and girl image leaves and vintage image

3. Read at least 3 books

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If any of you guys have any recomendations, dm me :.)

4. Make a vegan carrot cake

bars, snack, and cake image

5. Whatch Looking for Alaska

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After havig cried at the end of the book, I really want to watch the series :)

6, Make myself a Helloween costume and celebrate with my best friend.

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That's it for today, guys! I hope you enjoy this one.