Hello babes and happy September,

this month is a little bit weird here in Greece because the weather is extremely hot like summer but the air feels like autumn, so I'm not into the autumn mood at all. I also decided not to set many goals this month because I'm going on a trip.

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Let's get started!

1) Harry Potter.

UPDATE: I didn't manage to watch the movies but I'm going to set again this goal in October.

I don't know why but Harry Potter movies get me into the autumn mood. So, I'm going to watch the whole collection of Harry Potter movies during the month.

harry potter and movies image autumn, candle, and fall image

2) Pumpkin spice latte.


Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is one of my favourite drinks during the fall season and I can say that I really missed its falour, so, I want to have again this drink in its cold version.

aesthetics, autumn, and fall image Image removed

3) Have fun in Athens.

UPDATE: I'm having fun, (I'm still in Athens).

I'm going to travel to Athens, Greece in few days and I just want to enjoy my trip, chill a lot and have fun.

Temporarily removed Athens, food porn, and hungry image

4) Shopping.


I really need to go for shopping in Athens because I need a lot of things, so, I'm going to visit some malls and do some shopping.

dior, fashion, and sunglasses image shopping, mac, and sephora image

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Hope you guys enjoyed and got inspired,
thank you for reading this article,
see you soon,
α n n α ✧