which one are u?

🛵 𝕔𝕙𝕝𝕠𝕖 ✨

aesthetic, black, and chuck image fashion, vintage, and style image adventure, fun, and skateboard image cartoon, powerpuff girls, and power puff girls image
⊹ sneakers or nothing ⊹ raw hem t-shirts ⊹ real life golden retriever ⊹
Image by k Basketball image pins, aesthetic, and clumsy image dog, animal, and pet image
⊹ good at any sport ⊹ never sure what's going on ⊹ mom is her best friend ⊹
vintage, car, and beach image disney and magic kingdom image travel, road, and car image girl, camera, and photography image
⊹ drives a beat up car ⊹ yellows and blues ⊹ probably listens to disney ⊹


aesthetic, art, and caption image moon. image art, statue, and sculpture image Temporarily removed
⊹ reserved ⊹ creatively gifted ⊹ has a way with words ⊹
curly, hair, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed book and vintage image
⊹ shops vintage ⊹ paisley prints ⊹ love/hate-relationship w her hair ⊹
lips image home image Image by Sasscia Image removed
⊹ always overthinking ⊹ likes making lists and checking things off ⊹ room is a jungle ⊹


beauty, makeup, and glossier image quotes, twenty one pilots, and grunge image Temporarily removed girl, icon, and tumblr image
⊹ former emo but only listens to tøp now ⊹ babyface makes them look 12 ⊹ skincare guru ⊹
Temporarily removed cat, animal, and black image aesthetic, blue, and chemistry image shoes, aesthetic, and heels image
⊹ straight a's ⊹ definitely a cat-person ⊹ actually understands chemistry ⊹
art, grunge, and boy image beauty, girls, and icons image aesthetic, body, and clothes image header, planet, and space image
⊹ experimental and expressionistic in fashion ⊹ obsessed w space ⊹ listens to japanese lo-fi ⊹

💋 𝒮𝒜𝒮𝐻𝒜 ☎️

fashion, fur, and luxury image Image removed eyes, glitter, and highlight image rihanna, fenty, and pink image
⊹ insta baddie ⊹ permanent hoop earrings ⊹ low waisted jeans ⊹
kanye, kanye west, and tidal image girl, hood, and purple image meme image aesthetic, cash, and cyber image
⊹ resting bitch face ⊹ drama mama ⊹ loyal as fuck ⊹
aesthetic, grunge, and phone image meme, spanish, and funny image megan fox, quotes, and movie image alternative, body, and dance image
⊹ breaks hearts like flies ⊹ born on the dance floor ⊹ uses slang religiously ⊹

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