Hello everyone!

Today I want to share my simple autumn bucketlist. Although in the south of Spain the autumn lasts a sigh, I haven't been able to resist the emotion ☼.

I hope it inspires you. Enjoy 😊

1. Harry Potter Marathon

autumn, fall, and Halloween image florida, harry potter, and hogwarts image

2. Prepare hot chocolate

autumn, coffee, and fall image christmas, winter, and light image

3. Picnic in the park

Image removed beach, california, and picnic image

4. Mini roadtrip

girl, sunset, and car image aesthetic, car, and sky image

5. Make my own pumpkin latte

autumn, fall, and coffee image autumn vibes image

6. Cozy day: movie + sofa and blanket

coffee, autumn, and rain image Temporarily removed

7. Cook sweets

Temporarily removed fall, food, and coffee image

8. Build a fort

Image by Cristina Valley cozy, jeep, and lights image

9. Watch a sunset

girl, sea, and sky image beach, sunset, and travel image

10. Visit a market

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image Image removed

I hope you liked it. It's very very simple but, it's all I need ♥.

With love C.

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