Hi everybody, I hope you're having a good day
Here's a new article, about a show that I really love, I'm even obsessed with it, lol

I saw those articles, and they really inspired me, so I wanted to do it too ☺

Let's go for it...

♥ Information about me ♥

name : Blake Grant
birthday : may 20th
age : 19
zodiac sign : Taurus
sexuality : pansexual

♥ Appearance ♥

girl, beauty, and makeup image eyes, makeup, and beauty image bad, body, and fashion image Image removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, grunge, and hair image
Long black hair, very light blue eyes, small luscious mouth, thin, with a lot of tattoos, a cute undercut AND a nose piercing

♥ Style ♥

fashion, outfit, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion and style image adidas, fashion, and outfit image
Street style
fashion, style, and outfit image Prom image beauty, eyeshadow, and makeup image Image removed
Heels and clothes black, with soft makeup

♥ Makeup ♥

makeup, blue, and eyes image euphoria, eyes, and look image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image Image by 🦖💕 beauty, cigarette, and eyeshadow image Temporarily removed
She likes glitters, shiny lipstick, colored makeup and eyeliner

♥ Aesthetic ♥

Abusive image angel, Devil, and couple image Devil, tattoo, and aesthetic image grunge image Mature image eye, eyes, and cry image

♥ Personality ♥

Image by tommie bitch, sex and the city, and quotes image quotes, cartoon, and feminism image aesthetic, alternative, and empowerment image Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and black and white image
She's THAT bitch, she's a feminist and she likes fights

♥ Tastes ♥

Favorite movies :
pulp fiction, movie, and uma thurman image Image removed
Pulp Fiction
gif and natalie portman image Temporarily removed
Leon, The Professional
Favorite artist :
Image removed ️lana del rey and norman fucking rockwell image
Lana Del Rey
Favorite tv show :
Temporarily removed edit, eleven, and hopper image
Stranger Things
Hobbies :
Image removed boy, grunge, and skateboard image

♥ Friends ♥

euphoria, zendaya, and rue bennett image euphoria, fez, and hbo image euphoria and lexi image euphoria, alexa demie, and maddy perez image
Rue, Fezco (he is like her brother), Lexi and Maddy

♥ Love Interest ♥

euphoria, maddy perez, and alexa demie image euphoria, maddy perez, and alexa demie image alexa demie and euphoria image aesthetic, euphoria, and girls image euphoria, maddy, and makeup image euphoria, alexa demie, and maddy perez image
She have a secret crush on Maddy


This is the end of this article, hope you enjoy it !

Rebecca ♥