1-Finish my english course

autumn, fall, and bike image autumn, fall, and leaves image
I am looking forward to finishing my course,I studied hard and now I am waiting

2-Taste pumpkin spice lattes

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image coffee, autumn, and fall image
I heard about pumpkin spice lattes,people love this taste and I want to try

3-Make pancakes and muffins

Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and pancakes image
love both of them

4-Watch scary movies

book, magic, and harry potter image autumn, fall, and leaves image

5-Visit a haunted house

dark, house, and night image dark, fantasy, and vintage image

6-Celebrate the holidays

Image removed autumn and thanksgiving image

7-Buy and wear beautiful socks

Image by Cris Figueiredo Halloween, autumn, and fall image

8-Moisturize skin and lips

Image by 🦖💕 beautiful, beauty, and fashion image

9-Use a lot of blankets and candles

autumn, fall, and candle image autumn, fall, and Halloween image

10-Get rid of acne

autumn, fall, and house image autumn, fall, and rain image

Finally,my goal is stay organized.I want to specify a routine about my academic life.