You know what?
People told me to be aware
And so did my gut
But I felt love in the air

Those people were right
I could do better
Though I let you bite
Now I can’t help but feel bitter

It horrifies me
How I let you in
I handed you the key
And you used it and threw it in the bin

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I feel used
How dare you do this to me?
Leaving me confused
Leaving me be

Pain in the heart
Oh how it aches with blood
As I fall apart
While my tears flood

I’ve been through enough
How could you not feel?
But you decided to bluff
And fake how you feel

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I can’t believe I was fooled
To love you
Be with you
Only to be met by ridicule

I hate you now
You know too much
Though theres nothing I can do now
As your heart has been touched

Congratulations, you hurt me
Was this your plan?
Just to break me
But that is far from being a man
Don’t you see?

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