part 2 for the sad vibes since part 1 got over 50 hearts
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-- a.c.e.
ace, Chan, and jun image green, aesthetic, and nature image
" you're always smiling, but you look so lonely "
begin with the end
-- uni.t
Temporarily removed girl, korean, and kpop image
" i felt even sadder because our time together wasn't enough "
call it love
-- chungha
chungha and kpop image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image
" even if there's this much pain, it's still love "
cosmic dust
-- chungha
clouds, room, and white image ioi, chungha, and kpop image
" filled with darkness, life would've been star dust "
don't go yet
-- kim donghan
jbj, donghan, and kpop image moon, night, and sea image
" dont let go of me like this "
-- rm
aesthetic, beige, and brown image bts, rm, and kim namjoon image
" everything needs to go through pain "
forever rain
-- rm
bts, namjoon, and rm image city, aesthetic, and sunset image
" i wish it rains all day, cuz i'd like someone to cry for me "
good night
-- jeong sewoon
aesthetic, indie, and room image Image by momo
" we just weren't meant to be "
hear me
-- g(i)-dle
gidle image sunset, bedroom, and room image
" the night sky darkens like me, like my heart "
i know your shirts
-- wooyoung
sunset, sun, and sea image 2PM, gentleman, and kpop image
" i trusted you would change someday "

// might make a part 3 someday \\
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