Hey babes,
I had so much fun writing my 'If I were on Euphoria' so I decided to write my second article on another one of my favourite shows.
Hope you enjoy!

Name: Anisia
Age: 16
Birthday: 6th of August
Horoscope: Leo


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Average height with a thin physique, medium brown hair, deep brown eyes and tan skin.


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Strangers think that she's a shy and quiet girl but with those she is comfortable with she is outgoing and the life of the party. She tends to keep to herself when it comes to important problems and hates to be dependant. Anisia is kind-hearted and caring, everybody loves her and wants to hang around her. She can be innocent sometimes but can be a total rebel when she wants to be.


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Her style is comfortable but very cute and girl. She sometimes has her lazy days but is still able to make it look good. She loves to dress in skirts and to pair it with a jacket or coat.


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Anisia is friends with everyone but only has a few that she can truly trust: Allie, Elle, Helena, Becca, but is closest with Grizz and she only shares her secrets with him. She also shares a close bond with The Guard. She regularly parties with Harry and they always have the best time even though they negatively influence each other when it comes to alcohol.

Love interest:

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Campbell was Anisia's first love, they truly loved and cared for each other even though Campbell had the worse influence on her. Campbell would do anything for her and so would she. Her parents despised Campbell and consistently begged her to end it with him but she refused, until Campbell decided to end things for her own benefit even though he loved her more than anything.

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After Campbell, Anisia would refused to speak to anyone since she was so heartbroken but, Luke was always there for her, checking up on her and making sure she was okay. They would spend quite a lot of time together, they began compelling feelings for each other and eventually fell in love. Luke and Anisia are truly in love with one another, spending everyday together and eventually got married, even though Luke understands that she will always care for Campbell.