Beginning the World-The Innocence Mission

autumn, fall, and leaves image Image by Fred

Natalie Imbruglia-Torn

food, coffee, and breakfast image animal, animals, and autumn image

Lana Del Rey-Love

flowers, nature, and yellow image Image by Eden

Miley Cyrus-One in a Million

nature, forest, and tree image nature, forest, and aesthetic image
they say that good things take time'

Dear Society-Madison Beer

Image removed autumn, fall, and bridge image

Cant Smile Without You-Barry Manilow

Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, September, and autumn image
a soft song


book, autumn, and city image rain, sea, and ocean image
This is one of my favourite songs,I love Radiohead!

Laurel Leaves-Modern Aquatic

sky, sunset, and clouds image Temporarily removed
I heard this song from a blog

Time Spent Walking Through Memories-Taeyeon

Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and leaves image
a unknown song

Comme Un Bateau-Indila

autumn, fall, and street image Temporarily removed

This is all for now,thank you xoxo