I've never been one to think that your thoughts could alter your reality, and that's pretty much what the Law Of Attraction is about. If I'm writing this article today, it's obviously because I've changed my mind and managed to use the Law Of Attraction to get what I want. I honestly hope I can help some of you guys! Enjoy!

1st step: Be grateful

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It's, in my opinion, the most important step. When you only think about what you lack, whether it's money, love, or any other thing that you crave, and you constantly think about is as being missing from your life, you will only get less of those things. Because the Universe only hears "I DON'T have". Instead, you should think about what you already have, even if it stays very simple.

For example, instead of "I don't have a boyfriend.", "I don't have good grades", replace it by "I have a loving family", "I have the privilege of getting an education". The more you're grateful for, the better.

I recommend starting a Gratitude Journal where you can write all that you're grateful for.

2nd step: Challenge your limiting beliefs

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Limiting beliefs are like second nature to us. It's part of how we were raised, of what people told us growing up, of Society's standards.

For example, it could be that girls are not equal to boys. It's a limiting belief which, thanks to the women who fought for equal rights, has changed for the most part.

But that's exactly why I'm using it as an example. Limiting beliefs are programmed into our heads and influence us throughout our whole life if we let them. A lot of girls raised in the previous centuries thought their life's purpose was to become mothers and housewives. And because it's what they thought, that is what they became eventually.
Some, though, fortunately, began to question what they were told, and that's what I'm asking you to do with the Law Of Attraction.

The best way to do that is through affirmations.

If you think you don't deserve to be loved, start telling yourself every day "I deserve to be loved". Whatever your goals are, make sure to use affirmations on a daily basis so you can challenge your limiting beliefs. It will feel silly at first, and you may not believe it, but the more you hear it, the more you'll believe it.

You can also listen to subliminals. You won't be able to hear the affirmations but your subconscious will. But please be careful what subliminals you listen to! Make sure they're trustworthy.

Another very motivating way to start believing is to hear people's success stories. Did you know Jim Carrey used the Law Of Attraction? Before he was famous, he was practically broke and drove to a parking every night, where he imagined his ideal life. He even wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars. A few years later, he got a role. Guess how much he was paid? Yes, 10 million dollars. Another celebrity that comes to mind is Oprah. Heart this article if you'd like me to make an article about success stories but until then, feel free to search them on Youtube.

3rd step: Be consistent

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The Law of Attraction won't work unless you use it every day. Here are some ways you can use it :

Visualization: it works best at night, in my opinion. Before you fall asleep, think about what you want, as if you already had it. If you're a beginner, I suggest starting with small things. Do you want some new clothes? Imagine yourself walking in the street with your desired outfit. Visualize how it makes you feel: confident, beautiful, happy?
I recently did it with a coat I really wanted but couldn't afford. The next day, my mom asked me if I needed some extra clothes for Back To School (when she had previously specified I would only get said money to buy clothes, which I had already spent) and she ended up ordering me the same coat online.

Scripting: scripting works similarly to visualization, except you write about what you want. The most important thing is to write in the PRESENT TENSE. But then, like visualization, write as if you already have what you want and feel it.

4th step: Let go

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This was the hardest step for me. You have done everything and now there's nothing left to do but to wait. It's crucial that you don't think about it too much and that you just learn to let go. You've done your job, the Universe heard you, it's only a matter of time before you receive the object of your desire. Just relax and go on with your day.