Hey guys! So in celebration of reaching 1K, I've decided to write an article!! I'm 99% sure this has already been done before, but here are some of my favourites things :) Enjoyyy!!

Book: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

madness, quotes, and moment image boys image hand, bones, and black and white image chemistry image

Song: Havana by Camila Cabello

theme, summer, and yellow image beautiful, girl, and Hot image car, vintage, and indie image yellow, green, and vintage image

Movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

chocolate, food, and sweet image harry potter, time turner, and aesthetic image Image removed harry potter and prisoner of azkaban image

Color: Green

flowers, aesthetic, and boy image fashion, lingerie, and rose gold image Cookies, green, and macaroons image colors, experiment, and foam image

Video game: Tomb Raider

harry potter, hogwarts, and hp image body, girl, and sexy image arrow, archery, and aesthetic image quotes, motivation, and life image

TV show: Star Trek (TOS)

Kirk, spock, and spirk image art, quotes, and space image minimalist, aesthetic, and coffee image Temporarily removed

Season: Winter

Image by tenderlygirl Image removed Image by tenderlygirl snow, winter, and hand image

Country: Denmark

travel and world image autumn and city image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

This was fun so I might do a pt. 2 sometime :) Thank you for reading!