With the 1st of September having just passed us, it is time to start getting our back to school (including post-secondary) wardrobes in order! I hope this article will provide both inspiration, as well as useful tips, to ensure we can get through the school year comfortably and confidently.

1. Comfort

Comfort is crucial when you are sitting in classes and studying .Now, I am the type of person who experiments quite boldly with fashion, and I won't hesitate to wear a pair of stilettos and an outrageous dress when I am going out, or a crop top when I am hanging out at the park. But at school, you want to make sure that you can move freely, sit at desks and tables easily, and focus on your work without being uncomfortable--whether that discomfort comes from being too cold or hot, irritating fabrics hitting you wrong, or being constantly worried about your outfit sitting right. So, I recommend in school settings, dress with a certain degree of ease and modesty, simply and exclusively for your own peace of mind. Of course, that will vary person to person, so just avoid things that you know will be distracting to you in the day!

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For instance, the outfit on the left would be perfectly comfortable for me on a cooler September day. But with the one on the right, I know the sleeves would be falling down all day and driving me crazy!

2. School Staples

Some things never go out of style. Plaid skirts, for instance, tend to be versatile, working with all sorts of styles and colours, and they come in all sorts of cuts to suit your preferences (whether you prefer a looser pleated style, a fitted a-line, or a flowy midi). Pair with a simple t-shirt for a casual look, boots and a denim or leather jacket for a more alternative vibe, or a soft sweater and flats or low heels for a very sophisticated look.

Other staples are neutral coloured long-sleeved tops, a pair of black pants, a black skirt, basic tees, and a basic sleeveless or short-sleeved dress.

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Tights are also perfect for transitioning outfits for colder weather (starting with regular styles and then breaking out the heavier knits). And, even if you find them boring, neutrals can be your best friend.

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3. Dressing for the Weather: Layers

Turtlenecks always look so crisp and put together, with all sorts of skirts and different styles of pants/trousers. But, they do have a huge drawback--they can be way too hot. Especially if you find your journey to school is colder than actually being at school, turtlenecks tend to work best for the really cold days. Instead, to maximise your comfort, try to work with layers. Pair a jacket, a sweater, or a cardigan with a blouse or t-shirt--or a sleeveless top--and you will be able to remove or add your layers as you go throughout your day at different temperatures.

This is particularly ideal for college students, who have to traverse between buildings in all types of weather, and who may have classes at times of day with drastically different weather (for instance, 9:30am on a crisp fall day, 1pm on that same sunny day, and then 6:30pm when you'll be getting out after dark).

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Of course, if carrying around those extra layers is more of a problem for you, then by all means go for the turtleneck or heavy sweater! Again, prioritise your comfort!

4. Make Sure You're Yourself!

You will never feel comfortable in an outfit that doesn't feel right for you! If you hate skirts, don't force yourself to integrate them into your wardrobe. Conversely, if you hate pants, don't feel the need to wear them just because everyone else does, or if you hear people asking why you never wear them. If you really truly detest neutral shades, forgo them and just wear your favourite colours or prints! Unless it is for your safety (i.e. a chemistry lab, athletics, etc.) never feel like you must dress a certain way. Wear the things that you feel comfortable living and breathing in, the things you will not feel insecure about, the things that you can do all your favourite things in.

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