Happy September!!! I relish autumn, the inspirational bright colors and cold air renews spirits. There are fun holidays and traditions to celebrate. I thought I'd welcome autumn with a list of my personal goals for the season. Let me know yours in a tagged article or postcard!!

Things to eat and drink
Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Pumpkin Bread, Pancakes, Scones and Muffins

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Pumpkin Pie

Halloween Candy

Apple Cider

Apple Cider Donuts

Apple Pie

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Activities and Leisure

Watch scary movies

Go to a graveyard

Visit a haunted house

Ghost hunt

Do witchcraft

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Play in leaves

Go apple picking

Bake stuff

Decorate for holidays

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Go to a fall fair

Celebrate the holidays

Watch football

Warm-up by a fire

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Fashion and Beauty

Wear dark and warm colors

Put hair up more

Moisturize skin and lips

Cute boots

Comfy pajamas, sweaters

Earthy makeup

Long socks

Cinnamon, Pumpkin and Apple scents

Cute Halloween costume

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Use lots of throw blankets and rugs

Cute candles

Pumpkins and leaves

Fairy lights

Cute animals

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Personal Goals

Spend more time in nature

Get rid of acne

Go on more dates

Work on artistic skills


Exercise and meditate

Stay organized

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