This is my first article! Why not make it my summer playlist?

Hot Girl Bummer - blackbear

Temporarily removed party, glitter, and fun image
" and all my friends are all annoying, but we go dumb, yeah we go stupid "

She's A God - Neck Deep

girl, car, and hair image love, girls, and lesbian image
" hell nah, i've got a girl, she preforms miracles "

Numb Without You - The Maine

girl, lesbian, and love image quotes and love image
" you are the violence in my veins, you are the war inside my brain "

David's Haunted House - Scotty Sire

david dobrik, smile, and youtube image Temporarily removed
" i scare anybody anytime or season "

pajamas - gnash

computer, laptop, and supernatural image couple, love, and boy image
" let's just stay in our pajamas, let's not leave the house "

Waking Lions - Pop Evil

Temporarily removed love image
" i wanna stand up 100 feet tall 'cause fear will never be in my way "